Most young workers spend all their money and have nothing left to save.

America Saves wants to change this by showing young workers how best to save, automatically through direct deposit, and begin a savings habit that will last a lifetime.

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How the Program Works

A partnership is created among an employer, one or more financial institutions, and America Saves.

  • America Saves provides employees with the motivation to set up direct deposit and save part of their paycheck through a short, all-electronic program. America Saves also provides ongoing support, information, and motivation to save regularly through emails and text messages.
  • Youth Employment Programs provide direct deposit and the America Saves for Young Workers program to employees.
  • Financial institutions provide no-fee, low opening balance accounts for youth employees to save.

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Program Benefits

The program is free and benefits employees, employers, and financial institutions.
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Program Requirements

In order to implement this program within your youth employment program you must be able to set up the following:

  1. Direct deposit
  2. Partnership with a financial institution
  3. Provide the program electronically to employees

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America Saves- Program Requirements

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