About Us

Learn about America Saves for Young Workers Mission, Vision, Values, and Commitments.

About the Program

America Saves for Young Workers is an initiative of America Saves. It is a youth-centric workplace savings program offered to employers at no-cost, with several resources to guide young workers toward financial confidence.

As an America Saves for Young Workers Partner, you will receive support, resources, and assistance directly from the America Saves team. Each resource emphasizes the importance of owning an account, utilizing direct deposit, and splitting their pay to save automatically.


Our Mission:
ASYW empowers young and first-time workers to understand how to save effectively: automatically, using direct deposit, and through account ownership.

Our Vision:
All young workers establish a lifelong savings habit as a result of learning saving behaviors from their first or early earning experience.

Our Commitment:

ASYW is committed to the financial empowerment and well-being of young workers. We teach young people the necessary mechanics of successful saving and provide opportunities for them to take advantage of those tools. Through building financial knowledge and healthy financial behaviors, young workers will have the foundations to financial stability.

We are committed to changing the relevance and voice of the youth financial capability landscape, ensuring that we create our content for young people, that we provide them with step-by-step building blocks to successful saving, and give practical pieces of information based on their real life experience.

Our Message:
America Saves is proud of our strategic messaging that motivates savers to take
action to save successfully.

We know that:
  • Saving with a plan makes savers 2xs more likely to meet their goal.
  • Saving automatically using split deposit is the easiest and most efficient way to save.

And we believe:
  • Our Savers can begin their saving journey with a mindset of “Start Small, Think Big.”
  • “Thinking Like A Saver” looks different for everyone, and we celebrate those small and big wins.
  • There should be a “no shaming” approach when it comes to encouraging people to save.
  • Saving is not political.
  • Saving for your past (reducing debt), present (emergency fund), and future (long term savings such as retirement, education, and homeownership) is essential in creating financial stability.

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